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Topiary DIY....
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Screened in garden with raised beds. Keeping out birds, large bugs, dogs, and chickens
Glass Garden Flower....
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Orchid Terrariums....
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Lemon thyme plants are a lovely addition to an herb garden, rock garden or border or as container plants. Grown not only for its culinary uses but for its attractive foliage, lemon thyme info can be found here.
Provide drainage while keeping large pots light: Cut dollar store pool noodles and use as drainage material instead of stones. Large planters will be light enough to move later if needed.....
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  1. I tried this once but the foam acted against the plants and they died. I believe foam off gasses for several years after production and is not healthy.

    1. You are right, most cheap synthetic materials are highly toxic. Yoga mats and shower curtains are notorious for this off gassing so I figured this wouldn't be good, thanks for your confirmation.

  2. Diapers! Get a good deal on diapers -the cheaper the better. Wearing rubber gloves, rip out the absorbent part, soak in water. It makes a slop.Mix slop with potting soil (4-6 potting soil to 1 slop). Plant whatever (I use this for mint, herbs and potted plants -never tried it with seeds.

    When going away for more than a week, put potted plants in a plastic storage bin - sit them on bricks, surround them with bricks and fill to brim - (it's called wicking effect). For me, it worked for two months - came back to lush plants